Most companies will enter the new year with astronomical workman's compensation insurance premiums. Unfortunately for most businesses, this results in the possibility of downsizing the company's current work force. At the same time it is necessary to increase productivity with less employees to make up the difference.

Fraudulent workman's compensation claim investigation is a specialty of our agency. We have spent endless hours training our investigators in the area of mobile and stationary surveillance, report writing, still and video photography, in an effort to ensure that claims are kept to a bare minimum.

Our agents are required to have with them cellular phones, still and video cameras at all times when they work an assignment. It is our belief that it does not benefit our clients to wonder what is going on, but to KNOW what is going on at any given time.

If video is obtained of a claimant performing a task while he is allegedly injured, the edited video is copied and then passed on to the client for review. The ORIGINAL video is retained by our agency for a period of five years.

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