Our agency has a long history of successful service of process. We have been extremely effective in the past several years in assisting the state of Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Service with finding and locating deadbeat parents, and serving those individuals responsible for back child support payments.

We also have recently obtained several law firms as clients and have continuously strived to locate and serve process in cases such as domestic, traffic accident witnesses, etc.

Our rates are very competitive in this field. Our agency documents three attempts on each serve, for a flat rate of $100.00 within fifty miles of the metropolitan area. Rates are somewhat higher outside this area. Please call our office for a quote. To alleviate any problems with the court, we ask that you provide us with your OWN return of service form by faxing or mailing the form to our office. Our agency has a very high success rate in this particular area.

Note: Additional charges are accrued to destinations further than 50 miles outside the metropolitan area.