INVESTIGATIVE SOLUTIONS of K. C. was founded by it's president, Dan R. Kastner in mid 1995. We consider ourselves very knowledgeable in a wide variety of investigative areas.

Be sure to check out, under the "Accreditation" link, the two part video of Dan Kastner talking about his private investigative work with News Commentator, Ralph Hipp, from Topeka's WIBW TV Station.

In 1988, Mr. Kastner worked for a small investigative agency in Kansas City, KS performing various investigations. His main focus was on child support enforcement serving process to many unsuspecting parents. In 1989, Mr. Kastner served process of over $3 million in back child support working closely with the Social Rehabilitation Service and Division of Family Services. He also worked as a special investigator on many domestic cases.

During the fall of 1991, Mr. Kastner was very instrumental in discovering the murder location of a local teenager in Kansas City, KS. Refusing to accept that blood found in the parking lot of a local park was "redwood stain" as the local police suggested, it was later discovered that it was indeed human blood and directly related to the murder.

In 1993, Mr. Kastner was employed as senior investigator for the largest investigative firm in the state of Kansas. This firm handled mostly workman's compensation fraud cases. He estimates he has saved major insurance companies several thousands of dollars due to his special investigative techniques.

Mr. Kastner has also worked closely with federal authorities on a wide variety of investigations and in 1992, uncovered a large drug ring operating within the local area. He is very well respected in the area of federal building security. He believes in a strong work ethic making sure the cases assigned to him are completed within the least possible time assuring the client the best results obtainable. He is extremely effective in performing a wide variety of investigations.